Greeting Card Garland

You’re checking your list, and you’re checking it twice, to make sure you’ve sent all of your friends and family holiday cards, and now you get to relax and enjoy this time of year {well, not really} …. but it is the time of year when the pile of mail is made a little brighter by the many smiles of those who’ve sent you their holiday cards in return.

A couple of years ago, I started looking for a creative solution to display the holiday cards we received, and I came up with a low-tech solution that stuck. I punched small holes into each card and strung them up using baker’s twine, and with a couple small nails, I hung card garlands in my dining room. All you need to do the same is an open wall and the following supplies:


I like to use a 1/8th inch hole puncher to keep the holes in the cards small and barely noticeable. You’ll also need a pencil, a hammer and small nails, a measuring tape and baker’s twine.

Using your measuring tape, you will want to measure from the floor to your first nail, and then duplicate that measurement for the second nail. We live in an old house, so the angles in the rooms are not plum, but as long as the measurements from the floor are exact, I have found that the garlands look straight and balanced.


You’ll punch two holes in each card and string them up, one by one. If you don’t want to remove the nails and patch holes, you can string up other seasonal paper garlands at other times of the year.

Our garland wall has been evolving all year, but I am delighted it’s back to the holiday card garlands, because I love seeing those happy greetings all season long. These card garlands won’t come down until January 31st!


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