Before and After: Cupboard


Oh, to live in a tiny home. So many things are sacrificed with small living — of course so much is gained as well — and there is no disputing that with small living, a walk-in pantry or closet is most certainly on the list of sacrifices.

So, instead of a pantry, I have a cupboard. It was a cupboard that needed serious TLC.

I was so hesitant to post a photo of the before (on left) because it was in such disarray. But I am happy to report that that same cupboard is looking way more orderly and zen after I spent an hour last night pulling everything out, wiping down the shelves, repositioning one of the shelves, and removing expired foods. Ahhhhhhh…..

I was inspired by the ladies of Mom’s Kitchen Handbook and Real Mom Nutrition to get my kitchen in order this month, one small area at a time.

Large kitchen or small kitchen, what areas of yours need some TLC?

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