Is cooking going by way of sewing?


I recently read an article in the Harvard Business Review which states:

“I’ve come to think of cooking as being similar to sewing. As recently as the early 20th century, many people sewed their own clothing. Today the vast majority of Americans buy clothing made by someone else; the tiny minority who still buy fabric and raw materials do it mainly as a hobby. If that’s the kind of shift coming to the food industry, change leaders and corporate strategists will have their hands full.”

As a Certified Nutritionist, I know that doing more of my own food sourcing, prep and cooking has been one way to harness the vital energy and power of nutritious food.

I have long hoped that the Slow Food movement (a movement that that promotes local food and traditional cooking) would keep its momentum, and that more and more people will experience the holistic benefits of sourcing and handling their own ingredients, cooking with friends and family and feeling the benefits of an intimate relationship with their food.

It’s a part of how I guide clients towards food intimacy, all in the name of healing ourselves at a deep level.

My hope is that the kitchen becomes the heart center of homes again, that my clients become savvy, earth-conscience shoppers, and that we use cooking as a tool to balance this important triad: (1) nourishing one’s self, (2) healing emotionally, and (3) better understanding the interconnectivity of all things.

Change is inevitable. Progress is good. Grocery shopping, food prep and cooking need to be modernized, yes. It can’t feel laborious or be expensive or demand perfection. If you cook one more meal this week that you did last week, know that you are bucking the trend, and that’s a good thing! Here’s to cooking!

Photography by Nick Brown www.nickbrownphotography.com

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