About Me

nicole2Your journey to wellness is unique and so is mine, and yet connection to our food is a vital part of vibrant health for all of us. I am an educator and a counselor who can help you connect deeply with how you are nourishing yourself, and we work together to develop your plan to eat the right foods and get more nutrition out of those foods.

Five years ago, when I found myself in my bathrobe unable to get up and start my day, I beat myself up because I had so much to be grateful for — my dear family, a house by the beach, and good friends. The reality is that I felt horrible a lot of the time, and I was unable to participate in life the way I wanted to.

My story begins, as many stories do, in my childhood and teen years, when I struggled with body image issues and disordered eating. In my 20s, I struggled with exhaustion, anxiety attacks, IBS and deep skin issues. These conditions persisted into my early 30s, and I went on to face two bouts of postpartum depression, shingles and an autoimmune disease diagnosis.

This was all related to major gaps in my nutrition from empty foods and a range of food sensitivities that went unidentified for far too long. Approaching my 40s, I decided to course correct, and I realized that I could change my life using food and to maximize my energy. I also learned how to nourish myself when I am going through trying times.

I became a Certified Nutritionist so I can guide others on their own unique journeys, because proper nutrition can support you if you are experiencing acute or chronic illness, weight management, skin, or gastrointestinal tract issues, and/or anxiety and depression.

Below is my professional bio. I hope to connect with you soon! Thank you for reading!

Nicole Bianchi, N.C.

Nicole is a nutritionist, certified by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, who helps clients strategically develop food plans for themselves and their families according to their individual needs, situations, health challenges and preferences. She is inspired by the joy of fresh, whole foods and educates clients on the many benefits of optimal nutrition, including better digestion, more energy and emotional grounding utilizing macronutrients, micronutrients, phytonutrients and other vital factors.

Nicole is trained in the Eating for Health® model, which embraces two powerful maxims —“food is the best medicine” and “know thyself.” She graduated with honors from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, and she is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Nicole also has a B.A. in Media Arts and Journalism from the University of Arizona and studied graphic design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and worked as a freelancer for many years before shifting her career to nutrition in 2012.

Finally, Nicole is the author of the blog Food and Hearth. Food and Hearth is an intersection of her passions — nutrition, design and writing. It is a concept born out of the idea that food — especially fresh, whole, local, seasonal food prepared with love — is an integral part of nourishing a person and a family. And hearth, which is a word often associated with a fireplace, is a reference to the vital center of creative energy. Recipes and strategies to create a nourished, cozy home refers to anywhere you live, love, regroup, create and break bread with the people closest to your heart.

Nicole sees nutrition clients in San Francisco, via phone and in kitchens all over the Bay Area, and she’d love to hear from you! Follow Food and Hearth on Instagram @foodandhearth and submit the form below with any questions or comments.

In good health!