Menu of Services

New Client Consultation – via phone (15 min) complimentary

  • In this 15-minute consultation via phone, we evaluate whether it is appropriate for us to work together. I look forward to talking with you!

Initial Visit, including a diet, health and lifestyle evaluation (60 min)

  • In this initial visit, we have time to do an in depth health and lifestyle evaluation and/or an individualized q&a about an appropriate nutrition direction for you.
  • $125

Follow-Up Visits (50 min)

  • In follow-up visits we are able to further develop nutritional strategies, meal planning and add pertinent information about appropriate supplementation.
  • With multiple follow-up sessions, we can assess labs and further develop your individualized nutritional strategy.
  • $125 each session

The most common series is 4 sessions:

  • Initial Visit, including a diet, health and lifestyle evaluation (60 minutes).
  • 3 Follow-Up Visits (50 minutes each).
  • Over a 4 – 6 week time period.
  • Email communication between sessions.
  • A comprehensive seasonal meal plan and shopping list after at least 4 sessions (Additional $150 for meal plan).
  • $475 (four each series of 4 sessions)

Small Groups (varies)

  • I teach small groups how to integrate more sound nutrition into their lives. My current favorite small group class is about probiotics, prebiotics and easy fermentation projects to add vitality into your daily menu.
  • Pricing varies.

I’d love to hear from you! Let’s set up a consultation!



photography by Nick Brown