You’ve been through a lot,

and I can help you find your way to feeling better. I see private and semi-private clients in my San Francisco office at Stonestown Medical Building, and I support you via email while we work together. I also see clients who are not local via phone and FaceTime. I would love to hear from you! Reach out via the form below or view my menu of services to learn more.



Every individual Nicole sees has unique challenges and motivations. Each person has unique circumstances, genetic predisposition, health status, preferences  and lifestyle, and that is why a truly individualized approach for each client is Nicole’s mission.

Nicole helps educate clients on how optimal, individualized nutrition can be part of their longterm plan to nourish and heal their bodies, prevent illness and even increase longevity. She also helps them navigate the myriad of mainstream diet myths and ever-changing dietary information we all encounter at a rapidly evolving pace.

The reality is that there is no such thing as perfection, but adding nutritional heroes, minimizing nutritional bandits, gaining confidence in one’s choices at the grocery store and skill in the kitchen, and increasing the ability to assimilate and utilize nutritious foods can make for a significant improvement in many areas of life, such as more energy, increased brain function, better quality sleep and easier weight management. Better nutrition can even help an individual boost immunity, manage emotions, decrease anxiety and feel more joy.

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Photography by Nick Brown