Welcome to Food and Hearth

Welcome to Food and Hearth. To start, a little about me: my name is Nicole, and I live near the beach in San Francisco, CA. I am also a mom, a wife, a nutritionist, a designer and a writer. Oh, and a coffee and tea enthusiast. I enjoy traveling but I am mostly a homebody. I think that emojis are a great invention. I cherish the seasons, and the change of seasons. My favorite season is the one we are in, and my next favorite is the one we are looking forward to.

Academically I have been trained as a writer, a designer and a nutritionist. I have a B.A. in Media Arts and Journalism from the University of Arizona; I am an art school dropout (although I did get to the very end of my time studying graphic design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and worked as a freelancer for some years before I officially became a drop out); and finally, I am a certified nutritionist having received my certificate in Holistic Nutrition from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts (Berkeley, CA) in August of 2016.

These three aspects of my life-long learning — writing, design and nutrition — have led me to this project which is Food and Hearth. I have found that when life gets a little chaotic — and it can get that way quite often — my restoration, energy and balance come from cooking for and nourishing myself and my family in a space I have lovingly designed and curated, and this blog gives me a place to write about it.

When I prepare food, I usually improvise, and this will be a place where I can record that improv and share my recipes. I am also after the perfect lunch box, and as I experiment (with success and failure) I will share that too. I like to throw dinner parties, create one-pot meals, bring snacks to nutrition classes and workshops I participate in, and have a zillion home projects I would like to get to. I endeavor to share all of that and more in the name of creating a nourished, cozy home.

Food and Hearth is a concept born out of the idea that food — especially fresh, whole, local, seasonal foods prepared with love — is an integral part of nourishing a person and a family. And hearth, which is a word often associated with a fireplace, is also a reference to the vital center of creative energy. My home is where I live with my family, but when I refer to a home here at Food and Hearth, I mean a house + people, so home is wherever one makes it — wherever you are, wherever you live, regroup, create and break bread with the people closest to your heart — is home.